Us for Warriors Foundation (Us4Warriors) is a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping veterans, active duty military, and their families to overcome hardships and improve their ability to contribute their unique experiences, training, and leadership skills to society. The Us for Warriors Foundation (Us4Warriors) differs from most other veteran’s support foundations in three ways:

  1. We help 100% of warriors and their families, and not just one select group
  2. All of our directors are veterans, and we are not compensated. The Foundation also maintains very frugal budgets to ensure funds go where they are needed most
  3. We don’t just “give fish” to veterans and only “feed them for a day,” we offer or fund programs to empower veterans to “fish for themselves” and become leaders who can contribute to our society

Our more than 200 volunteers have helped veterans find jobs, get trained, launch or grow businesses, and get home for the holidays to be with ailing parents. Thanks to your support, wounded veterans got qualified for the special Olympics, disabled veterans got around town, and children who’ve lost parents in combat got college scholarships.

The Us for Warriors Foundation (Us4Warriors) focuses on the whole veteran and fills in the gaps to help ease challenges, connect veterans with communities and businesses, and empower leadership through our 5-Star Programs. With your help, we can fulfill our mission in many ways, but the key to success is a core understanding that our Foundation is a body with many parts that work together to support our mission. With your kind support, we can continue to accomplish our goal to empower veterans—past, present, or future—to become better leaders of their own lives and within their communities.

It’s simple… the “why” is clear…
Everything we do is for the troops,
veterans and their families.
Thanks for helping us help them!